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Hochschule Heilbronn, TUM Heilbronn, DHBW and more options to study in the city.
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Favorite Places

These are the places I visited the most.

Best Events

There might not be a lot of big events in Heilbronn, but certainly those ones it has are very good.


Heilbronner Weindorf

Wine producers from the region gather up to bring their best wines.



The German traditional Christmas market also has its place in Heilbronn.


Trollinger Marathon

One of the main sports event of the cit, the Trollinger Marathon track goes around the region of Heilbronn and its vineyards.

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126.458 Habitants

Heilbronn can be considered a Small-Medium sized german City.


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Using trains are the main option to move regionally and nationally.

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Frankfurt and Stuttgart Airports are the closest.

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