German Christmas markets are one of the best events in the whole country.

There will be differences between the Christmas markets of the cities, and of course Heilbronn has its own Weihnachtsmarkt.

For around 3 weeks, wooden cabins are build up around the city center where it will be sold food, christmas gifts, and of course Glühwein, one of the traditional winter drinks in Germany.

Some nights there are performances of musicians playing lovely christmas music giving a nice atmosphere to the place.

Wearing warm clothes is indispensible during the cold winter days, but nothing like drinking some cups of Glühwein to warm up the body and spend some time outside.

In Heilbronn, the main cabins are at the Rathaus square, but as well there are more next to Kilianskirche and along Sülmerstraße.

Eating the typical German Pommes is a delicious snack or grabbing a Bratwurt to ease the hunger, or some sweet treats such as the Hungarian Langos. There are a variety of foods to eat.

Certainly, if someone is living in Heilbronn, then they also can have a trip to Heidelberg’s Weinachtsmark, which it could also be one of the best Weinachtsmarkt in Germany.

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