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Getting a job in Heilbronn

Although Schwarz Gruppe is the main employer in Heilbronn and its surroundings, there are still job opportunities in other organizations. 

The best way to find a job is to directly go to the company website and search on their open positions. Googling companies in Heilbronn can be a starting point if you don’t know too much about which companies have offices there. 

There are some job portals as well that can help, but not all of the companies list their job vaccancies. And the good old Linkedin is also a place to look at.

Hochschule Heilbronn Job Portal

Working at Bechtle

Bechtle is one of the biggest IT companies in Europe with more than 80 system houses in DACH region and e-commerce companies accross the continent.

Working at Bechtle was a great experience, and it is well said that having a great boss will make the difference of enjoying your job at any company.

At their website there are the open positions.


carlos at bechtle neckarsulm