Primafila Heilbronn


Probably, I am not the best to recommend which flavors to taste from Primafila, since mainly I asked for chocolate, but for sure it has been one of the best ice creams I had in Heilbronn.

When the weather in Heilbronn starts to get a little bit warmer, is the time when most Ice Cream shops in the city reopen.

Alessio, one of the owners, usually will be there to greet all his customers. 

Specially during the hot summer days, you will notice the long queues that are done in Primafila.

And someone might wonder why? Well, certainly the ice cream of Primafila worth it.

The ice cream is made in house with quality ingredients, giving them a great taste.

They also have some vegan ice cream, which doesn’t use any milk to be made.

I would have not imagined in my life how great a vegan chocolate ice cream could taste, until I found it.

The have more than just a scoop of ice cream, at Primafila you could also sit down and enjoy other types of desserts and coffee drinks.

Primafila was one of my favorite places to go.

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