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Best vineyards walks and view of Heilbronn


Fresh drinks next to the Neckar River for those warm spring and summer days.


Biergarten with a variety of foods and drinks next to the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heilbronn is in the state of Baden-Württemberg in south west Germany.

There are several assumptions of the name of the city Heilbronn. 

Heilbronn could come from the meaning of “Heilig” which means holy, and “Bronn” which means fountain.

Here is the full story of the Heilbronn name.

Depends from the world region you came from to consider what is safe and unsafe.

Heilbronn, and Germany in general, could be consider a safe.

Although, locally Heilbronn is named Heilbronx, due to the neighborhoods and criminal rates Heilbronn used to have, but now a days they are low.

Heilbronn and the surroundings are known for being wine producers.

Heilbronn is also known for being the headquarters city of Schwarz Gruppe, holding company of Lidl and Kaufland, Germany’s biggest supermarket brands.