How To Apply for a German Visa

German Student Visa

Before starting the steps of getting the German student visa, the first thing to do is to be accepted by a german university, otherwise without any acceptance letter, this process might not be able to be completed

Depending on the country where you are from, you might have different requirements for your German student visa.

Make sure to go to the proper website of the Embassy that it is according to your country.

In my case, I saw the German Student Visa requirements at the German Embassy website for Mexico. I leave here the link to the Visa Categories.

Go to the website of the Embassy (as always said, information is already on websites), and see the checklist of the visa.

Mainly for a German Student Visa is required:

  1. Formulars (Around 3 different ones that are on the Embassy website.)
  2. Biometric Photos.
  3. Have your up to date Passport and a longer expiring date of at least one year.
  4. Insurance. (At this point an international might be fine, but I recommend to get a German Insurance since the beginning.)
  5. Acceptance letter of Germany University.
  6. Language Certificate. (Depends on the studies)
  7. German Blocked Account with at least 10,332 euros (According to the German Embassy Website in Mexico, 2021).

As recommendation, always do things on time. One never knows when there will be delays on post or any other issues.

There were some cases of friends who actually did the trip to Germany to do some paperwork with their tourist visa, and then have to go back to their home country to finish the papework process at the embassy and finally get the student visa. This was also an alternative, but certainly implicated the flight expenses.

Once you get to Germany, and have settled in the place that you are going to live, you must head up to the Auslandbehörde to change the visa that was stamped in your passport for the visa card. The “Aufenhaltstitel” or your residence permit card will be easier to carry on your wallet than the passport, and now you can move easier in the european union countries.

German Student Visa Extension & Job Search Visa

If you are already living in Germany as a student, and you have finished your studies and your visa is about to expire, there is no reason to be alarmed. People who have finished their studies or are in the last semester, they can get a visa extension.

If there is any reason that took you longer than expected to finish your program (failing any exam), and you need an extra semester to finish, then you can extend the visa at the internationals office.

As well, you can apply for the 18 month job search visa. Within this time period you can actually start working and keep searching for a job. In some cases, and also depending on the city, the Auslandbehörde will ask for a minimum amount of salary per year so that they can allow to change your Job Search Visa for the Work Visa.

The Auslandbehörde will give you a list of the requirements to do the student visa extension and the job search visa. They usually ask again for the same documents as the previously mentioned for the student visa. You will have to renew your biometric pictures. The good thing of taking the german visa picture in Germany is that there are plenty of photo booths around cities and train stations where you can get it with those specifications. 

German Work Visa

Once you have found a company that hired you and has a good salary, then you can go back again to the Auslandbehörde.

Again they will have a set of requirements of documents, but also the copy of your work contract.

You will have to pay again the issuing visa fee.

The visa will be issued stating that you are working specifically for X company. It may occur that having some other professional activities will not be allowed, so this will be better to check with the international office.


German Blocked Account

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