Trollinger Marathon


The Trollinger Marathon is a run organized to be hold on the month of May.

It is one of Heilbronn’s main events, since it receives people from many places.

I participated in the Half Marathon of 2018 and the Nordic Walking of 2019.

If you are into sports, or a healthy lifestyle, participating in such event is a good experience, since the atmosphere of this event also cheer people from the city.

The track to be run starts from the Frankenstadion and goes all the way south Heilbronn, where runners go accross the vineyards.

As people run in the neighborhoods, locals are oustide their houses spraying water to the runners and clapping. 

On the stop water stations for the refresh of the participans, there is also wine, so one could actually have a drink on the go.

There are different modalities of the Trollinger Marathon, people can participate to the full 42 KM length, half marathon of 21 KM, or the walking-running that is around 10 KM.

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