Thoughts about Heilbronn

Heilbronn is a wonderful city. Yes, it is! Contrary to the popular opinion, it all depends with which eyes you look at it.

And so many people wondered what a mexican was doing in Heilbronn.

Me, Carlos Barraza, arrived in 2016 at Heilbronn to study the master in International Business and Intercultural Management at the Hochschule Heilbronn.

Since then, many experiences lived there made me fell in love with the city, until 2020 happened and I decided to come back to Mexico. 

I created this section on my Website to share my opinions, views and favorite places of Heilbronn. 

I hope that eventually this site helps any other international or even local to have more insights about Heilbronn.


Heilbronn Landscape 2
Experimenta Heilbronn
Trappensee Biergarten
Heilbronn Vineyards
Carlos in Heilbronn
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Carlos Barraza